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Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga stated that The President and the Prime Minister are ready to take actions against the offenders in the current government too. He made this review during a meeting with employees of Sapugaskanda oil refinery.   

“I had a great desire to establish a consensual government. We always tortured each other sticking in to political parties. SLFP was harassed UNP when SLFP won and UNP was harassed SLFP when UNP won. I have experienced these harassments. But our government have altered this culture by leading to a new path. I must state that, this year is one of the year to pay highest debt. We are trying our best to manage the debt payments without burdening on people. Our government and the Cabinet have dedicated to solve the debt issue in last two years. Sometimes I think what is the purpose of being a president or the Prime Minister? Even as a Minister, I have a huge responsibility to run this ministry. Our Two leaders have led the country to a new path together with all political parties in East and West without considering Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims. I am disappointed about not punishing wrongdoers. But The President and The Prime minister have taken actions against offenders of our government too…” Minister Ranatunga added.

Several dignitaries including the Deputy Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Dr. Anoma Gamage and The chairman of the CPC Mr. Dammika Ranathunga were graced this occasion.    

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