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An agreement to initiate the Aviation fuel supply project which was delayed over the years, has been signed at the premises of CPC. It was headed by the Chairman of the CPC Mr.Dammika Ranatunga. Contract of construction of the Aviation fuel supply was obtained by Singapore Companies which are called WEC Engineers and Constructors Pte Ltd, PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk and China National Chemical Engineering No. 14 Construction Co. Ltd.

A new air craft manipulation track is constructing parallel to the Second step of second stage of the Development project of BIA. Construction of the Aviation fuel supply and development of the aviation fuel terminal facilities in ‘E’ yard have been vested on CPC from 2013. Relying on the approval of the cabinet on 05th November, 2013, previous government have decided to consider volunteer suggestions to initiate this project. But our government have decided to request international bids in March, 2015 to initiate this, to reduce the loss causing by volunteer suggestions. It was delayed due to some obstacles. After the Minister of the Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga informed the urgent need of initiation this project to the cabinet, CPC has been advised to commence this project. CPC could be able to select a suitable contractor with foreign investments within 45 days by following a transparent and competitive procedure. Chairman of the CPC Dammika Ranatunga stated that they could be able to save huge amount of money because of the new procedure.         

“If we chose the contractor according to the initial plan, it would have been a great loss to the corporation and to the country. According to the initial plan, the Corporation would have to spend 74.2 million of US dollars to settle the long-term debt. But we could be able to reduce it in to 71.1 million US dollars by choosing a suitable contractor under the required procedure. It saved 3 million US dollars for the corporation and for the country. This project initiation was stopped for a few years. But as a result of the dedication, we were able to achieve this target in short period of time. Similarly, there are many more projects which have been delayed. But we are working hard to begin those projects soon under the instructions of our minister. We will be able to stabilize the fuel protection and to provide an effective service for the country. We have achieved our goal to some extent” Dammika Ranatunga added.

He believed that CPC will be able to supply high standard aviation fuel to fulfill the future demand in the Asian region.     

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