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Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga stated that if the system of consensual government does not continue after the LG election it will be a betrayal to people’s mandate. He added that even SLFP and UNP contest in the LG election separately, they should be unite for betterment of the country at last. He made this review during the welfare programme of ‘ Game Pansala-Gamata Saviyak’ held at the Kolonnawa Rajamaha viharaya, today. He further added that the President and the PM have a good mutual understanding.


“During the last two years, we were able provide proper solutions to the main political parties in the country. As the major task, two main political parties should be unified to give solutions for future betterment of the country. Most of the people believe there’s a dispute between the President and the PM. It’s a matter of fact of change in attitude just like among husband and wife. They can provide wise solutions, because they are intelligent persons” He stated.


“Even SLFP and UNP has different principles, they are united for betterment of the country. There’s a freedom in media, now which people asked for. Democracy is given more than enough so that people can live freely. People requested of to punish the wrongdoers, that’s is the only thing we could not do. But we are happy about what we have done” Minister Ranatunga added.


“In the last presidential election, People voted to the President and the PM without considering political parties. No party received majority, because expectations of the people were to unification of two main political parties. We don’t require party politics, now. We can build up political parties anytime, but not the country. Therefore two main political parties should be unified in the LG election, if not it will be a betrayal to the people’s mandate” Minister Ranatunga further stated.     

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