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Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga urges public to vote for the candidate who are against corruptions and frauds.

“We have freedom for speech and living, now. White vans and abductions do not exist. We are initiating for a sustainable developments. We have introduced a new political era to live without fear for all people. We have taken steps to eradicate the corruptions and frauds even there’s a delay to punish the wrongdoers. We should continue this political era for future generations. You can use your valuable vote in the LG polls to energize this political era” Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga made this statement releasing an open letter to public under the title of “ Consensual government should be introduced to LG- Develop the country under the concept of Yahapalanaya”


“Few days are remaining for the LG election which will mark a new beginning of a political era. Your political decision will decide the future of this country. Therefore, I firmly believe you should take a wise decision without being cheated on racist, religious and individualist parties”

“My expectation is country is governing by a good government which establish equity and equality and a better future for children. Nationality and parties are not important to me, but the country. My political principal is engage in an unbiased national politics which gives priority to the country. Save the resources of the country, stop misappropriation and cease corruptions and frauds are the fundamental basics of my political principle. I firmly believe I could be able to win 4 times from 3 districts and 3 different parties because of following this principle. On 08th January 2015, I joined to the Yahapalanaya government to establish my political principles without considering the life threat. Yahapalanaya government is a turning point of this country. We are establishing a better country together with every party”


“LG election does not topple the government. It will cause to develop the village. My belief is Yahapalanaya government should be introduce to LG to make the above process success. The most important facts are to inquire whether candidates are able to save resources and whether they are anti- corruptive. I urges to use your valuable vote for those who can protect the yahapalanaya concept, but not for the corruptive and fraudulent candidates” as stated in the letter.



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